Belan the looter's episodes Note that the date given is the date the episode occured, not the date it was posted.

7/31/2001 Farewell!
5/9/2001 Death by lich!
4/2/2001 Blasted looters
3/30/2001 Quality support
3/30/2001 Beware the shadow guards..
3/29/2001 Belan runs an event!
3/25/2001 Elipso, the human IDOC!
3/20/2001 Roleplaying
2/4/2001 Strength in numbers.
2/4/2001 Explaining thievery
1/31/2001 Old school newbie runners
1/30/2001 All I really wanted was pants..
1/18/2001 Keg confusion!
1/8/2001 If the loot won't come to Belan, bring Belan to the loot..
1/8/2001 Role reversal
12/29/2000 Catch of the day!
12/22/2000 Christmas special: Jesus died for thee!
12/21/2000 Death by rats!
12/21/2000 Belan gets looted!
12/19/2000 Killer of Killers
12/18/2000 Humor: Adventures in decorating: Floating items!
12/12/2000 Taming the ferocious Brandon.
12/9/2000 Is the shard down?
12/4/2000 Boredom: Belan goes fishing!
12/4/2000 The tale of the helpful lootees.
12/3/2000 GM Tailors
12/3/2000 The need for policy.
12/1/2000 Slow learners.
11/11/2000 Jeff, the unsatisfied customer.
11/6/2000 Belan, the noble looter!
10/8/2000 Pirates, ahoy!
10/2/2000 Humor: The fictitious adventure of BelGalad.
9/29/2000 Drakora Anderson and her imaginary friend.
9/25/2000 A quest? A quest for loot!
9/14/2000 Belan has bad manners.
9/12/2000 Living the evil desires of a tamer.
9/11/2000 Belan the Christian.
9/8/2000 Belan's head is for sale!
9/7/2000 Belan finally loots her old nemesis!
9/6/2000 At least it's most of your horse though..
9/3/2000 Hypocrisy from a criminal.
9/1/2000 Bards: Lethal PvP death-machines.
8/31/2000 Cowardice and Bravery.
8/30/2000 Newbiemon Snap #2.
8/28/2000 Walrus gambling.
8/28/2000 Extortion for pants.
8/27/2000 Going red for Belan, how sweet!
8/26/2000 Looted by a GM!
? Saviour learns attracting attention to loot isn't a good idea.
? I demand tribute!
? The first Trammelite to actually buy their rune back!
? Belan goes glacial staff huntin'
? Anvil and his not so helpful friend.
? Belan joins a guild.
? But the horse is still yours!
? Anyone want to buy a horse?
? Fear not, Belan shall save thee from the Balron!
? So much for the 'mares are stronger than dragons' myth.
? Newbiemon Snap #1.
? Selling a rune, 100 gold!
? Star, is that you?
? Miguel and his missing runes.
? Miguel, where did thy runes go?
? Being kind to a ghost in Deceit.
? The joy of taming large amounts of things.
? A day in the life of an IDOC.
? PKing; the miner way.

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